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That same month, the U. Here at home, The Gilded Age comes to mind. And… can we say slavery, which was the work of people who judged other human being as subhuman? So, now, Southeast Asian and Pacific people are… subhuman? It is not too late to stop the TPP. As more and more people populate the globe and wealth becomes more and more concentrated, it only stands to reason that there are more and more poor people coming into existence. These people are considered throwaways by the developed world. Think of all the 50 million refugees that are flooding Europe.

There are no jobs for them. The people living in those countries hardly have enough jobs themselves. Their labor markets cannot absorbed millions more. Those that are not exploited will simply be left with no role whatsoever in the modern world. Climate change will create millions more refugees. People will just die by the side of the road trying to get from point A to point B while the US fights pointless wars trying to keep the present world order together.

I go to them because what they are discussing is relevant to my experiences, the city I live in, and the city I want to live in.

All people there are there for that same reason. I am no more biased then anyone else at a community meeting, and probably no more biased than many at the DOT, who not only are trained and analyze data but also live in the city and have specific goals.

Bikelash’s Latest Tactics: Pedophile Smears and Conspiracy Theories

If you remove capacity, cars disappear. This has been validated in multiple places and is not controversial in city planning.

Like Wonders, blog easily about your life experiences.

DOT and reps of state and local government were there. Yes, its bonkers but it is very valid to counter. But there are other ways to ask them. Did anyone mention that her whole argument was ridiculous, given that 9th Street is an extra-wide street and very lightly trafficked? Eric McClure cited the width of the street and how even with the bike lanes it is far wider than any other street in the neighborhood.

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Perfect timing for this cinematic masterpiece, now playing the Community Board circuit and surely on its way to Cannes, Sundance, etc. I never vote anyway so your point is moot. But I could still influence your life by voting at the state and federal level. I habitually get almost 6,, bucks almost every 30 days from the net.

How to liberate students from authoritarian maths instruction

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One of our Broward County Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee meetings got an article- because someone suggested we close down I and have a bicycle ride to raise funds. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email print. Doug Gordon The advocate was me. More on that later. Halpern shoved me and gave the audience the finger.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Joe R. Brooklyn is And most households in Brooklyn and the Bronx that own cars do not use them for daily commuting. Wow, we agree on something! Obviously there will be times we agree. Jym Dyer. Folicle — So basically you support inactive, unbiased people.

JVI-Betrayal of Christianity: Ravenous Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

How dull. Quietly reading the names and ages of the killed is a most powerful tactic. This should become a standard at all such meetings. Frank Kotter.