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This will lower the risk of him overeating and becoming obese — an issue that leads to breathing issues and other serious health problems. Generally, adult Bostons one year and older eat two meals per day, while puppies should consume three to four meals.

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Boston Terriers — like all dogs — thrive off a diet rich in protein and healthy fat. However, there are other ingredients offered in commercial dog foods that offer additional health benefits like joint support, brain and eye development, and immune system support. Two or three of these meat proteins should be in the first several ingredients listed.

And while plant protein is included in many commercial dog foods, meat protein is much easier for your pup to digest. So, if your fancy-pants bag of kibble offers lentils or peas, just make sure the percentage of meat protein is higher than that of plants. We love sweet potatoes as a low-glycemic alternate source of carbs! However, they offer vitamins, minerals, additional protein, and antioxidants for your pup. Worried about allergies? Small breed pups like the Boston Terrier grow quickly — so they need a high-calorie, balanced puppy formula or All Life Stage food.

The following puppy formulas are balanced and nutritionally adequate for a growing and developing Boston Terrier. Happy shopping! It offers the proper calcium level for puppies and includes meat that is hormone-free, pesticide-free, and antibiotic-free. Canine Caviar also has several other formulas so you can rotate the proteins.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Foundations Puppy Formula is a limited ingredient food with nine ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. The recipe is supposed to be especially good for puppies with sensitive digestion. In the blink of an eye, your Boston Terrier pup is full grown and ready to explore the world — or at least more than his playpen.

The following dog foods were carefully selected for the Boston Terrier breed. Keep in mind, you may have to try more than one food to find which one is best for your dog, but these formulas are highly acclaimed and provide the best ingredients on the market. Nulo foods have a high amount of animal-based protein 80 to 84 percent and are one of the few companies using probiotics that seem to actually survive the manufacturing process. And, there are no poultry or meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They also use local growers from Texas no ingredients from China.

Additional benefits include glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints; omega fatty acids for healthy skin and a glossy coat; and antioxidants for a healthy immune system.

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Your pup was once lively, ready to take on the world and chase down any squirrel or bird that came his way. As your Boston Terrier ages, he might experience something similar, along with joint problems or weight gain. Check out the formulas we love for older Bostons. This formula and several others in this product line is free of potatoes, corn, and wheat.

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The grass-fed venison provides senior dogs with top-notch protein without the extra fat. Dare we say it: the Boston Terrier is the perfect family pet. Chew toys, bones, or homemade dog treats? Yes, I think that Chihuahuas and pit bulls are the most difficult to place. Pit bulls are harder to place than Chihuahuas. Partly because of size and breed restrictions where people live. Young Chihuahuas have found homes through us fairly quickly, but the older ones have taken longer. To start my research, I sent out emails to various local dog rescue groups. Groups that responded noted varying experience.

For the Chihuahua, some groups either had little contact with them or limited difficulty placing them. Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue , a group dependent on fosters and adopters, is a non-breed specific dog rescue. Hearts United for Animals, a no-kill shelter near Auburn, has rescued almost every breed that is commonly known in the United States. My thanks goes to Holly Harpster and Carol Wheeler for taking time to answer interview questions.

I asked Holly and Carol about their experiences placing Chihuahuas and pit bull terriers. Both women confirmed that these two breeds have been difficult to place.

A dog that is small, fluffy, house-trained, and loves everybody will quickly find a home. Why have Chihuahuas and American pit bulls been such a challenge to place?

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With Hearts United for Animals the biggest challenge in placing Chihuahuas, Carol frankly stated, is that they can often be unfriendly to would-be adopters. For pit bulls, Carol referred to multiple issues. First, she pointed out that the breed has an earned reputation for not getting along well with other dogs. When there is a spat between a pit bull and another dog, it can be a bad one. According to a recent check on Petfinder , over 17, pit bulls need homes.

Tiny Liney, The Mighty Terrier

With Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue, the biggest problem in placing any dog has always been simply having a foster available to work with the dog and get the dog ready for a new home. Naturally, the group is looking out for the best interest of the dog and so a lot of questions are asked on the application to better understand the lifestyle of the potential adopters.

This is really how most Chihuahuas act, although maybe not as adamant as Turbo. Carol told the tale of Turbo. He has been living in the Central Care Room of the Homeward Bound Building and built quite a reputation by nipping at the legs of almost everyone who is new that enters the room. However when Chico is out of that area, he becomes most amiable, and so we know he is simply protecting his environment. Anyway, he is most loving and precious to those people that he knows.

She also shared the story of Axel, a pit bull who was brought in by a city official. I knew from the first look exchanged with Axel that he is a profound fellow, full of love and loyalty, so anxious to give his heart to someone who would care about him. The more I have learned about him, the more I find that to be the truth. Cuddles was an energetic young Chihuahua who was placed very quickly. Marley was an 8-year old with a wonderful, friendly personality who had the energy to play, but mostly loved to sit on your lap.

We had Marley for 8 months before he found his home. As it turned out, Marley was waiting for a special home and that is exactly what he got. His new mistress is a quadriplegic who is comforted by having a dog on her lap and Marley has been her constant companion since they met.

He is a pound package of love and loyalty and very happy now. They love everyone and really enjoyed going for car rides. Their preference was to sit in the front seat and with both of them trying to ride on one of my front seats, they kept setting off my seat belt alarm. We stress that dogs we place need to become part of the family. A dog who alives inside with his family and takes part in their daily activities is usually a smarter and happier dog. Celebrity dogs, aka designer dogs, are very popular with puppy mills. No discussion of Chihuahuas would be complete with addressing the issue of celebrity dogs.

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According to Mill Dog Rescue, largely due to media influences the Chihuahuas accounted for 2. Yet sadly overbreeding has saturated the demand for these tiny dogs. Holly was just as outspoken. I think breed specific legislation needs to specify what every dog needs and not promote an outright ban.

No discussion of the American pit bull terrier would be complete without addressing the issue of Breed Specific Legislation, a rule which animal welfare groups tend to not support.

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They have a human house to live in and a securely fenced yard that protects them and protects the public from them. You have now read the highlights of what local animal welfare groups shared with me regards their opinions of and experiences with Chihuahuas and the American pit bull terriers. In previous posts published this fall, I reported on my research into both breeds and even included interviews with owners of Chihuahuas and of American pit bull terriers. Armed with all this information, the question remains: What can the average person to do?

If you have an unaltered Chihuahua or a pit bull, please take advantage of the below offer from Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. Also, should the cute stories and photos make you interested in owning a Chihuahua or pit bull, please educate yourself first to determine whether the breed is right for you. They all have their own individual personalities and quirks and they all need good homes. Some breeds are more popular to adopt than others, but Chihuahuas and pit bulls are not hard to find in rescues. There are plenty available for adoption! According to the United Kennel Club , the essential characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier are confidence, strength, and enthusiasm for life.

Due to extreme friendliness, even to strangers, UKC does not recommend the breed as a guard dog. In addition, UKC notes that American Pit Bull Terriers make excellent family companions and have been well-noted for their love of children. Few can deny that the history of the breed includes blood sports such as bull-and-bait and, when that went out of style, dog vs. Indeed, because of its powerful physique, the American Pit Bull Terrier requires an owner who will carefully socialize the dog and train it to be obedient. Extremely friendly, but aggressive.