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Speaking of Mercury, he is retrograde now, meaning he is headed towards us.

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When Mercury gets close, all forms of communication-linguistic, electrical, mechanical, somatic-can be confusing, but not if we are listening closely. If our ears are tuned properly, we will always know the right thing to say, how to say it, and allow the proper amount of silence to split the spaces. Too many of us seem to have the wrong idea about Mercury retrogrades.

Every retrograde is an ending and a beginning. Every retrograde starts with a question and ends with an answer. Every retrograde is full of tricky magic. Every days or so, Mercury stations retrograde in the evening sky, in the West.

The Speech of the Grail: A Journey toward Speaking that Heals & Transforms (Studies in Imagination)

He then appears to liquify from his solid state, and slip away from the sky altogether. What is actually occurring is the planet is orbiting between the Earth and Sun Venus does the same and from our geocentric perspective, it appears like a disappearing act. This happens when Mercury is conjunct the Sun: Syzygy. A fresh Idea will have been born! Station Retrograde: Nov. Evening Sky. Syzygy or Interior Conjunction: Nov. No Sky. Station Direct: Dec 6th.

Morning Sky. Knowing this information is important for two main reasons:. Another way of understanding it, we could view the first third of the retrograde Rx to conjunction as a breaking apart-a separating. All the tricks seem to help us to pay attention to what is being released. Then we have insemination with the conjunction. An essential point in the cycle where we listen close with a finely tuned ear to what wants to come in and be focused on for the next cycle. It informs the intention we will make and what Ideas we would like to see grow into fruition.

Finally, when Mercury emerges back to the sky the morning sky and stations direct, we can see this as the incubation. A gentle warmth given by focus and constant remembrance. The tricks in these later stages are a test to see if we are deserving of what we are calling in. It requires clarity and perseverance. Best to keep a journal or get it tattooed somewhere. Everyone is familiar with manifestation work. The Secret is no longer a secret, nor was it ever to the Hermeticists. The Idea that your thoughts create reality, naturally relates. But what happens when we apply this to a synodic cycle?

Speech of the Grail : Linda Sussman :

What happens when we establish a dialogue with Mercury himself? When we know how to propitiate him and make him laugh? What happens when we feel comfortable enough to ask him for a new Idea that may change our lives, and we also know the most auspicious time to ask him? Again, the beginning of the cycle is with Syzygy or Interior Conjunction: Nov. Now, if the universe is composed of Mind, we can assume the necessity for images and symbol for Mind to orient itself. In Astrology, we have what are called Sabian Symbols for each degree of the zodiac. The symbols that surround the birth of Hermes this round are:.

Hillman talks a lot about the power of Image and how Psyche requires it to know itself. With Sabian Symbols, we can do the same with crafting an intention for the beginning of a cycle. Meaning it has a philosophical disposition and the ability to put an adventurous fire to the wings on his shoes. It is wisdom we are after and owls are one of the big-eyed symbols of it. With the capacity to see both in the dark and in degrees, Owl has a visual spectrum unavailable to most. And when he spots what is desired, he swoops silently down to snatch it.

He also seems to be watching a game of cricket. Whether interested or not, Owl is aware of the high speech of the Grail. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there.

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See our disclaimer. In Speech of the Grail, storyteller and ceremonialist Linda Sussman explores a new way to speak, one that heals and transforms. She takes for her guide Wolfram von Eschenbach's epic tale of the Grail, showing how it depicts a path of initiation toward healing speech--to "doing the truth" in word and action. The word stirs a deep response in the Western imagination. Joseph Campbell called the medieval stories where it is first mentioned 'the founding myth of Western civilization, ' because 'according to this mythology, there is no fixed law, no established knowledge of god, set up by prophets or priests, that can stand against the revelation of a life lived with integrity in the spirit of its own brave truth.

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  7. The quest is to recover the elusive Grail, thereby returning its sustenance to the world. The presence of the Grail nurtures an invisible web of relationships that connect individual destiny to service of others and to the earth, thereby granting meaning.

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    Then she shows that it is not so much a path toward perfection as a recovery of the proper relationship with our own imperfections. She shows, too, that it is a path in which male and female aspects work together to overcome evil. I want to come into your heart" "You will have to force your horse to a mighty leap" "See how rich I am Specifications Series Title Studies in Imagination.