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Sept 19, Georgetown, KY 4. Reverand Robert Stuart b. Jul 15, Springfield, IL. Robert Smith Mary Todd Lincoln's father ; b. Abraham, b. William Rodes James C. Nancy - m. Samuel B. Jane - m. Jul 15, Springfield, IL m. She was b. Nov 13, Lexington, Fayette Co. Jul 5, Eliza Ann Parker was the dau. Mary Ann Todd, Mary was often called "Molly". Dec 13, Lexington, KY; m.

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Abraham Lincoln; d. Jul 16, Springfield, IL. Levi Owen, b. Jul 2, Lexington; d. Lexington, Fayette Co.

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Wirt Edwards Feb 2, ; d. Todd-no children George R. Todd married a Miss Curry- had one child Robert S. Todd-no children Robert Smith m. Some of them being: Elodie Eladie? Emilie Katherine Samuel - killed in the "Battle of Shiloh". Alexander H. Edward Brother-in-Lawof the Bride, Mary died here also.

Her father, Robert Smith Todd, was a storeowner and Whig politician. Her mother was Eliza Parker Todd; she died after giving birth to her seventh child when Mary was six years old. Seventeen months later her father married Elizabeth Humphreys of Frankfort,Kentucky, and they all went to live in this brick house in There were nine more children to come to this already large family, and often relatives stayed with them as well. Mary had blue eyes and light brown hair. Lexington, Ky. Of a good Kentucky family,she was living with her sister, daughter-in-law of Gov. Ninian Edwardsof Illinois, in Springfield, Ill.

Although they were very different in temperament and upbringing, their marriage was an affectionate one. The harsh portrayal of Mary Lincoln by William H. Herndon is certainly exaggerated. The death of Willie in was a great sorrow to both Abraham and Mary Lincoln, and Tads death in seems to have unsettled her mind already affected by seeing her husband murdered ather side. She was adjudged insane , but the decision was reversed a year later. Mary Ann Todd was born in Lexington, Kentucky on December 13, ,of a prominent and influential family whose ancestors had a distinguished record in theAmerican Revolution.

When she was about eight years old, Mary entered the Academy of Dr. John Ward, an Episcopal minister who was ahead of his time in running acoeducational school. Mary received more education than most women did at that time and, perhaps as aresult, she sometimes expressed her opinions more freely than some of her contemporaries considered proper. Considering her wealthy and aristocratic family background, her attitude toward marriage was surprisingly free of snobbery.

She said "I would rather marry a poorman - a man of mind - with a hope and bright prospects ahead for position, fame and power than to marry all the houses [of] gold. Her sister Mrs. Edwards described her courtship with Abraham Lincoln as follows: "I have often happened in the room where they were sitting, and Mary invariable led the conversation. Lincoln would sit at her side and listen. He scarcly said a word, but gazed on her as if irresistibly drawn toward her by some superior and unseen power.

He was charmed with her wit and fascinated by her quick sagacity.

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But he could not maintain himself in a continued conversation with a lady reared as Mary was. On November 4, , Mary and Abraham were married.

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  • Because Lincoln came from a humble background, some members of Mary's family did not approve of her choice of a husband. In the course of their marriage, Mary sometimes lived under circumstances less luxurious than she was accustomed to, but she eventually became First Lady of the UnitedStates. Shortly after her husband's death, Mary wrote: "There never existed a more loving and devoted husband. Let me know if any of these fit. I have more of the children and their children. Maybe I can run it off for you if it is info you can use.

    Down or Co. To do this means missing the grand tapestry of faith that Lincoln wove during years of spiritual struggle. There is, for example, the stage of Lincoln's childhood years. Until early manhood, he was an intelligent, sensitive child who resented his father, found bombastic frontier revivals disturbing and, yet, was capable of re-preaching the sermons he had heard almost word for word. Then there is Lincoln the young man, a voracious reader smitten with religious skeptics like Thomas Paine and remembered by the townspeople of New Salem, Ill.

    The death of his son Eddie in devastated Lincoln. He turned for help to a minister friend, the Rev.

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    James Smith, who offered comfort and learned challenge to Lincoln's skepticism. It changed him. In this third phase of Lincoln's spiritual life, he attended church, funded Christian ministries, befriended clergymen and spoke more openly of God. Then he entered the White House. The bookends of his First and Second Inaugural Addresses define the transition to yet another stage of faith. Though in his First Inaugural on March 4, , he referred to a God who has "never yet forsaken this favored land"; he perceived the war as under human control. By his Second Inaugural four years later, he had seen too much suffering, had witnessed too many inexplicable Union defeats.

    He concluded that God had visited the war upon the nation as punishment for the sin of slavery.