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Koole Parliamentary party groups in European Democracies: Political parties behind closed doors. London: Routledge. Holloway, J. London: Pluto Press. Husted, E. Plesner 'Spaces of open-source politics: Physical and digital conditions for political organization'.

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Organization , 24 5 : — Ignazi, P. Karthikeyan, S. Jonsson, and F. Organization Science , 27 1 : — Katz, R. Mair How parties organize: Change and adaptation in party organizations in Western democracies. London: SAGE.

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Krouwel, A. Katz and W.


Crotty eds. Handbook of party politics. Lawson, K. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. Mair, P. Katz and P. Mair eds. How parties organize. Mason, P. London: Verso Books. Michels, R. Moufahim, M. Reedy, and M. Humphreys Organization Studies , 36 1 : 91— Newton, K. Stolle, and S. Zmerli 'Social and political trust', In E. Uslaner ed. This law manifests to the view of the seer in many and varied forms; sometimes it appears in a quite contrary form to the effect that it has later on in its manifestation. The eye of the seer becomes a sword which cuts open, so to speak, all things, including the hearts of men, and sees clearly through all they contain; but it is cutting open which is at the same time healing.


In the Quran it is said, 'He who taught with the pen, taught man that which he knew not. It means that to the man who lives the inner life, everything that he sees becomes a written character and this whole visible world a book. He reads it as plainly as a letter written by his friend. And besides this, he hears a voice within which becomes to him a language.

It is an inner language; its words are not the same as the words of the external language. It is a divine language.

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It is a language without words which can only be called a voice, and yet it serves as a language. It is like music which is as clear as a language to the musician. Another person enjoys music, but only the musician knows exactly what it says, what every note is, how it is expressed and what it reveals. Every phrase of music to him has a meaning; every piece of music is a picture to him. But this is only with a real musician. Some people profess to have clairvoyance and clairaudience, and very often delude others by giving false prophecies; but the one who lives the inner life does not need to prophesy; he does not need to tell others what he sees and what he hears.

It is not only that he is not inclined to do so, but also he sees no necessity for it; besides, he cannot fully express himself. How difficult it is to translate fully the poetry of one language into the poetry of another! Yet it is only interpreting the ideas of one part of the earth, to the people of another part of the same earth.