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God loves you so much that He demonstrates His love by giving free will in your uniqueness, in your time, in your space. He, who is everywhere and at all times, has given you this gift of love.

If God Really Loved Me …

If you have fallen from the wondrous purpose of your life, love will restore you. If you have been injured by the bantering of wills, love will heal you. If you have fallen prey to devilish deceptions or misguided manipulations, love will give you clarity and show you how to get untangled from the destructive forces of the evil one.

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This inner healing and restoration and clarity does not come directly from some outward and superficial miracle. It is through the love of God that you share that these miracles will begin to appear in your life, in your family and among your loved ones. As you give love to others, you will become another witness to the abundance of all good things - not because you manipulated the universe by giving love and getting what you think you want - but because God is good.

The goodness of God is abundantly surrounding us continually. It is not what is happening to you, but how you are dealing with it - with love or without love.

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Love makes all the difference. Breath it in with every breath. Seek to participate in it rather than separate yourself from it. God loves YOU! Perhaps you think cannot bring yourself to love because you have been hurt or maybe even worse than that has happened to you at the hands of trusted ones who were not deserving of trust and did not show love towards you.

Assurance of Salvation

Then you will need to start by loving God with all your heart. Open your heart first to God above, let Him fill you with the healing light of love. Do not be concerned about others - their time will come. Once you have known God's love as I have and as one who has known hurtful and selfish untrustworthy people I can say this truthfully , there will be more than enough love for everyone else - because God already loves you abundantly and He will continue to love you. Everyone wants to be a reformer in that way.

But take God's principles of a Biblical Reformation and apply them to the church in practical daily living, then that's a different story all together. Many make excuses not to meditate because it is difficult. Some neglect it totally, and yet others may have simply never learned to do it rightly.

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Assurance of God's Love

This assurance of God does not make us loose in our walk before God, but makes us joyful, and prayerful, and watchful, and gives a deeper desire to please God in Christ. No Negligence: This assurance can be shaken, particularly when we are negligent and fail to watch and pray, and fall into temptation and sin against God. God can remove His special presence and comfort for a season as a discipline to His children, that we might repent, and confess our sins, and seek prayerfully to return to a sweet communion with God our Heavenly Father.

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Do you know that God loves you? Meditate upon His promises to you in Christ. Think about how he loves His own dear children.


Seek in light of these promises to be faithful and grateful in your service to Him, seeking to please Him sincerely from the heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to have more joy as God has promised to you in Christ. Meditate upon John to ponder your assurance, and to seek prayerfully to reach full assurance of faith. Our Lord Jesus says:. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you , and that your joy may be full. That is a great amount of love! This is the love that should motivate and fuel all of our obedience to Him.

Christ teaches us to abide in His love cf.