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Raquel Practical Cents You already have a good start with your blog! All that time and effort is worth something to people who are looking to add additional sites. We love the idea of rental property as the added cash flow can help compound your rate of acquiring additional properties.

Though I agree that things seem to get tricky after you acquire a certain number, and lending gets difficult. Time to get the first one done.

Financial independence isn’t the same thing as retirement.

But there are arguments to be made for both sides. Traveling and having a little cabin somewhere nice is on the list! I am interested in getting into real estate as well as dividend stocks, but it will have to wait until the student loans are gone. I got overwhelmed there for a while. I also love real estate. I own one rental property and plan on buying more. My goal was to have the first one paid off in 7 years. But once we have one paid off the snowball effect should move things along quickly after that.

People who had second jobs did it out necessity and without much happiness. Now I love reading about how people are utilizing their skills and passion to earn extra money to do the things they want. And you can grow grapes in Minnesota? I love the real estate game and am always looking for a good deal. Looking at houses is fun for me, so that makes it easier.

If I was delivering pizzas after my normal job, not so much, but you have to start somewhere and I just look at all the time people who really need a side hustle waste with TV and such. The purchase price is only a part of the deal. So much money can go into upkeep that you need a big reserve to handle it. We built an emergency fund for our rental business to cover big expenses and we have certainly used it.

It was pretty much the same as yourself except I was only staying at my job for the money. With a high saving rate, FI can come in a decade or less, then you are free to keep working or not. If you read fifighter, the plan to build a property portfolio is not that crazy, with strong research and numbers to back it up.

The call option premium plus the dividend makes a nice passive income stream. I want to start getting some cash flow from dividends, if not just for blog content ;. I really enjoyed the post about renting out your basement. Side hustles are exhausting, to say the least. Sounds you are still on a good pace, and congrats on having your first rental!

The house we bought is NOT passive haha.

How to Become Financially Independent in 5 Years or Less

If I was closer to retirement or in retirement I would buy something more turn-key or outsource a lot of the work. I think the only way to go about obtaining and renting multiple houses is to have some significant income to plow into the investments. Definitely an inspiration for me to keep working hard or I should say, smart and reach some of my goals sooner rather than later. Awesome post Dave and getting a lot of love as well.. Can not wait to help you grow and let me know what I can do.. For me it is really about as you say supplementing the full time job with online business income..

Best of luck in your online business income goals and let me know if I can do anything to help. Real estate and dividend stocks are two of the main investments I use. We have some rental property, as well as some raw land. A large portion of our IRA is in dividend stocks. Wise decisions! This is a great article! Definitely want to grow mine quite a bit over the next couple decades. So I talked with my husband and we have some other savings we need to max out first, like our Roths, but once those are set and we have a plan for that then the rental will be our 1 priority.

So in a year from now we will be able to start really hitting that mortgage. Am going to be expanding into video interviews and creating a YouTube channel soon enough as well.. Would you be interested? Good luck with Hawaii as well. I think multiple streams of income is key especially if you want to get into property investment. It hit me the other day that people work their whole lives just to pay off their property.

This is why I wrote my book and chose to publish it with publishers so I could start getting passive income from royalties. I noticed your interest in a side hustle for money. I recently joined this thing online to make some extra money for the same reason; diapers, etc.

Why I’m working towards Financial Independence

This Just In Pin 2. Share 1. Tweet Buffer Get the First Chapter Free! Send my free chapter. Check out some of our favorite personal finance resources:. David Carlson is the founder of Young Adult Money. Comments Policy Comments, responses, and other user-generated content is not provided or commissioned by this site or our advertisers. SenseofCents It sounds like we have similar goals, Michelle! I appreciate the kind words about my post and my future, haha.

Make more. Save more.

The 15 Crucial Steps Needed To Achieve Financial Independence

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A million-plus still sounds like a big number. And doing so provides freedom to spend that other prized commodity, time, as they choose. Having more control makes us happier. So even if FIRE is not something that appeals as we talk about on the podcast , we like our jobs, changing up our lives in order to enable us to not do them is not on our lists applying a little of the FIRE philosophy to put your life back into your hands is an idea that resonates with me.

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