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Have fun out there but remember it is a big mountain and look after yourself - Ryan Sandes and 13 Peaks can not be held responsible for your safety out there. Useful information The base of Lions Head has a pop up coffee and food vendor but they are not always there.

The lower cable car station has a shop. There is very limited mobile phone reception in the Silvermine Nature Reserve between Peaks 9 - 11 until you reach Constantia Nek. There is a water tap in the Silvermine Dam bathroom in the toilet but this tap does not always have water. Constantia Nek has a restaurant to buy food and water. Follow us on Instagram. Load More We are all in it together! We worked with health and wellness expert Dr.

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Denise to devise 30 mini challenges. All were created to help us grow, build confidence, and feel better in our own skin, comfortably. Complete any challenge you like, anytime you like, in any way you like. All we ask is that you share your journey on social media so you can inspire others and us! Doing so will also put you in the running to win some lovely Elomi collections. Thank you so much for joining in and committing to living limitless with us. Meet our Live Limitless Challenge health and wellness expert, Dr.

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Denise McDermott, M. Her goal has always been to empower the people she works with and their families to live without limits. Which we are obviously totally onboard with!

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Her goal has always been to empower her patients and their families to live without limits. The right bra and the right fit can work wonders for your life — not only does it transform your look and change the way you feel, but the right bra is your 1 accessory each and every day. Come to know yourself as that.

10 Internal Communication Challenges and How to Master Them with an Employee App

You are pure potential experiencing life through what seems like limitation. Challenges are spikes in that imaginary limitation barrier that guide you to awareness. You decide: Are you limited or are you an ever-expansive growth of consciousness and love? With your potential, you can turn a mountain of a challenge into a speck of dust—take that dreaded project and turn it into that thing you did before lunch today.

Stressing about the potential outcome is often what turns a molehill into a mountain.


When you attach emotions to the problem, it has power over you. If you simply perform the task at hand without worrying about the outcome, you have power over the situation. Some challenges seem enormous and harsh, but if you remain centered and full of awareness, no challenge is too big to meet with power and grace. Search form Search. How to Face a Challenge With Confidence.


By Leo Carver. Here are some ways to better accept and meet your personal challenges, whatever they may be. Face the Challenge In many cases this is the most important step, the most obvious step, yet it is also the most often missed. Be Present Do not underestimate the power of being present. Why is this a challenge? Do I believe that I am capable of being successful at this challenge? What are the possible outcomes if I succeed? What is the outcome if I fail?