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I am working on a series of ebooks; but with the intention of combining them into one big book with each booklet representing a chapter once they are all complete. Maybe I should keep them all separate? Who can know it all? So thank you for this. Coming from the music industry and I know you know a little about that topic , they were quite certain the CD would live forever and they could just continue to reap their profits off the backs of the artists.

But the same recording and distribution technology that became available and affordable to the lay person, which created the DIY music artist and forshadowed the death of the music biz is we knew it, is about to do the same to the conventional book publishing biz. Promise to let all your readers know when that happens.

Sounds great Sean — definitely let me know. I know everyone is super-interested in how we can all jump on the digital publishing revolution and profit from it. Yeah, we do love free stuff. Like you at least before , PDF is the only ebook format I can make an ebook.

Glori S. Great post and great insight on how to get your ebooks published and where. Thought I should publish as a. With the ever-changing audiences and readers demanding more for less, it really is important to be so progressive. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Carol. Always great to know how the experts have cleared the pathway to help the rest of us move forward with a little less struggle.

Thanks for sharing. Well yes. Thanks for the great info. Especiallly helpful was the idea of creating a series. So short works for me. I am in the midst of an ebook creation on a Faith Based Path to Happiness, and I will be putting your valuable advice and expertise to use. Thanks so much for helping writers gain a foothold in our niche and grow!

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Now is the time to publish your ebook

Carol… like John Soares, I recognize everything you say here. In our defense, the ebook game has changed so quickly… can you here me panting trying to keep up? Great article.. This is very helpful for everyone. Your experiences will serve as a good tip for everyone who is planning to make an ebook too, very informative and detailed. Thanks for sharing! But I get the sense that my teenage son would be fine with the Kindle on the beach…or listening to a book on headphones, or some such. So I look at him, and I see the future. I know! OK, I do know what I was thinking: I would write this long ebook masterpiece that contained everything I ever learned about freelancing.

Great tips, Carol. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now there are companies offering to do a lot of that legwork for writers. Funny you should say that. I have a collaboration with one ebook publishing house where they DO take care of it for me. It was a great post. As the Internet has gotten larger and more prolific, it can be difficult to research and find the exact information you need. Ebooks have filled this need with instant, tailored information, delivered for a price. Publishing an ebook is much easier than publishing a paper book, and it can pay even better.

Check out the 10 mistakes she made publishing her first eBook, and what she learned from […]. There are many challenges facing those who want to publish their own eBooks, and one of them is the …ion online. As you may know, eBooks have many purposes, and that is great because it gives you […].

It sounded so empowering. No editor! No waiting! So I set out to write one. It sorta took forever. I was so excited. There was only one problem… I had no idea what I was doing So I made a lot of mistakes. The sad truth is, I could have made much, much more on my ebook.

Even worse, by blowing out all my info in one book, I had no followup book to upsell the writers who bought the first book. I just had a one-off product. Again, I probably would have done better publishing a smaller ebook at a lower price. It should have been split. The book has three sections — how to write for publications, copywriting, and blogging. I could have created a cool Make a Living Writing ebook series, strengthened my brand, and had more products to sell.

Also, splitting it up likely would have gotten the first one done faster and allowed me to start earning sooner.

How to Write Ebooks That Sell

Not enough specifics. No setup for sequels. My title says it covers this entire century. What was I thinking? The release of the new edition would have generated new interest and sales each year. No related Webinars or classes. You also love live trainings, where you can get your personal questions answered by experts. Look for me to create ebooks from some of my courses and Den bootcamps in the future to rectify this problem.

Next to no marketing. I really had no idea how to market an ebook. OK, I built a little interest with a few blog posts about the content. It was pretty minimal. So there was no big explosion of initial sales. I did not have the vaguest idea how to digitally publish an ebook.

Rather than try to figure it out, I wanted to just do a PDF. I knew how to get a designer to make me a PDF, so I did that.

How I Sold 7000 Kindle Books

The world of digital publishing for the Kindle and Nook and all the other ways completely confused me. So I ignored it. The problem is, the Kindle format is just exploding. Who knows how many sales I lost. Formatted wrong for digital. After doing the PDF, I learned you need very specific formatting in order for a book to transfer to Kindle and other popular ebook formats. Given that, I would have needed to get someone to reformat the whole thing and repaginate it, which sounded like a massive headache. So I just passed on the whole opportunity.

Now I realized it was stupid not to make the effort to get it converted. No sales funnel. Tagged with: Daniel Hall , earn more from writing , ebooks , self-publishing. Dev says:. August 20, at am. Anna says:. July 25, at am. Greer says:. June 29, at am. Carol Tice says:. June 29, at pm. June 30, at am. June 30, at pm. Robin Sampson says:. June 27, at pm. Dolph Hoover says:. June 18, at am. Nick says:. June 14, at pm. June 15, at am. June 16, at pm.

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How To Write A Book For Beginners

August 27, at am. August 10, at pm. Valerie Delffori says:. May 7, at pm. May 8, at am. Desiree says:. March 6, at pm. Linda Leyble says:. December 7, at pm.

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December 8, at pm. Anna Prountzou says:. December 26, at am. November 29, at am. Mark says:. September 27, at am. Eddy H says:. May 27, at pm. Laura at SEO says:. May 18, at am. Michael Pritchard says:. May 12, at pm. Miriam says:. Miquel J says:. March 15, at pm.

Tony Tovar says:. August 24, at pm. August 25, at pm. Liz says:. July 24, at pm. Walker Thornton says:. You can simply download and insert your chosen high-resolution images into your ebook cover designs. Generally, you should aim for a resolution size of 1, pixels wide by 2, pixels tall. As you can see, except for Amazon, this is the recommended size for the other major sellers:.

Keep in mind that ebooks are typically downloadable within a few minutes , for optimal user experience, and higher resolutions will take longer to download by increasing overall file size. Conveniently design a professional-looking ebook cover by using free online tools. They can make the design process so easy any novice can create a polished ebook cover with numerous templates. And that takes care of your ebook from cover to cover.

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Your next step is to seal the deal with a proper ebook file format. To help you decide which format to go with, here are the most widely used file formats for ebooks , plus details on ebook reader compatibility in the chart below. A few other free popular converters worth exploring includ Calibre and ZamZar. Here are four tips and guidelines to consider when pricing your ebook.

How to Write Your First eBook (with Examples) - wikiHow

If you're looking for something less high-level, check out this step-by-step guide on how to price your ebook. Ebook pricing is highly elastic -- in other words, pricing greatly impacts your sales response -- and you can easily update your price as your goals change.

In that case, your pricing should start at the lower end. Then, as your readership grows, you can increase your price point. Take advantage of the flexibility that comes with selling an online product and adjust your price to fit your goals. Research your genre online to gauge what competitors are charging. Some pricing guidelines to consider according to the length of your ebook are:. Again, these are just some guidelines to consider, rather than follow to a tee. The most important takeaway is to test your pricing to see what resonates with your audience while taking into account your goal i.

With pricing covered, you now officially have all of your ebook components prepped and ready for publishing on your storefront. Multiple reasons, which you can find in this guide on how to sell digital downloads from your own site -- some quick highlights are:.

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From there, a modal window appears. Another modal window will then pop up. You also have the option of adding a payment plan if you so choose. And if you ever want to add any upsells or coupons, just scroll down to find two more options where you can do just that. This is where you can edit your ebook name and description, and you can also add any FAQs to your page in the lower box.

This will bring you to the editor screen where you can customize various elements related to your ebook and storefront such as your header, product banner, table of contents, brand colors, and et cetera. This is where you can add your main image or video , a subtitle, and update your background image or color. Just use the form fields in the left-hand sidebar. Your changes will automatically appear in the main display to the right.

One more tip on branding your storefront. You can edit your storefront colors i. By customizing your storefront, you can really make it your own and highlight your brand. Our next step also helps customize your brand and user experience. You can either:. The custom domain option allows you to have your own fully-branded domain.

This is where you use your own purchased domain and set up a CNAME record with your custom domain name. If you need additional guidance on how to set this up using your preferred registrar, this reference guide provides more detail. The beauty of using a subdomain to sell your ebooks is you have full control over your storefront, and you have an all-in-one platform handle your entire ebook storefront setup.

From there, you follow along with the steps to connect to your bank account. All in all, selling your ebook on your own site through an all-in-one platform with a subdomain gives you the flexibility to manage your own content and brand while giving your customers delightful user experiences. See how Podia works and get all of your questions answered in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday at 4pm EST. There are numerous marketing and sales tactics you can implement to sell your ebook and this topic warrants its own ebook.

Today, we'll go over three suggestions. If you're clamoring for more after this list, check out these ebook marketing tips. These days, social media is an effective platform to use to reach your target audience, with about 3. As you can see, you can also add your social media image by dragging and dropping your file to the designated box.

Another great place to incorporate these links is within your marketing emails, which is our next tip. If you need additional help with your email marketing, these four email marketing tools and email marketing tips for online courses can both help boost your sales, though you may need to tweak the approach for ebooks. By submitting your desired details into the form and copying the custom code, you can embed either a link, button, or card that launches the Podia checkout process directly on your site.

Another strategy you can dive into to help increase your ebook sales is to offer an affiliate program, where you partner up with other related entities that sell your ebook on their own sites in exchange for a commission of each ebook they sell. Here, you can set your payment terms and commission amounts for each sale referred to you by one of your affiliates. Using social media, email marketing, and an affiliate program are just three ways to help sell your ebook. Tracking your sales is a vital part of growing your business because it allows you to see which strategies and efforts work best.

This view conveniently displays all your ebook customers in one screen, where you can scroll through your list of readers and the date that they purchased. For extra help setting up Google Analytics with your storefront, this help document has some additional tips that you might find useful.

With an expanding ebook market, let these 11 steps serve as your simple path to getting your piece of the pie. The hard part is getting started and building your forward momentum. The rest is straightforward. Cyn Meyer is a content marketer for Podia , an all-in-one platform where online courses, digital downloads, and membership websites -- alongside their creators -- thrive. Cyn also enjoys playing music, helping retirees live active, healthy, engaged lifestyles, and hopping into the ocean. Join a live demo to see why Podia is the best platform to sell your digital downloads See how Podia works and get all of your questions answered in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday at 4pm EST.

Step Market and sell your ebook There are numerous marketing and sales tactics you can implement to sell your ebook and this topic warrants its own ebook. Sell your ebook via social media These days, social media is an effective platform to use to reach your target audience, with about 3.

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