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He then goes on to list and describe several free bonuses that you will receive upon purchasing his 7 Day eBook V2. Other suggestions he makes are things like making sure you are prepared to be active in promoting your own eBooks. He claims that authors who promote the heck out of their eBooks, make real money selling their eBooks. The technique of using a funnel in your promoting your eBooks is discussed in depth, as well as establishing relationships with your readers so that by your 3 rd eBook you will start making real money.

Edwards informs you of the three most important questions that you need to ask yourself before selecting your topic for your eBook. He claims this technique has helped him immensely in creating eBooks that sell well. The 7 Day eBook V2. This eBook appears to be a transcription of a webinar that took place back in Why I say this is that on page 52 of his eBook, the author clearly states the following:. In my opinion, the text in this eBook is far tinier than it should be, and the images appear to be all screen prints from what looks like slides from the webinar that I am certain this eBook may have been transcribed from.

The images make it a little difficult to navigate through the eBook using a mobile device. On pages 54, 57, and 58, you are offered a link to a website that is now being discontinued… and, in the not so far future, could end up being a second dead link in this eBook. One of the examples this author points out as being too long of a title, as well as pointing out that this same book is offered as a Kindle book but by a much shorter title a critical error, so he claims , he promises to explain why he stated this later in his training, and then he failed to include that explanation.

Figure Out the Purpose of Your eBook

However, if you are of a mindset to really want to learn to make money online, then I would love to share with you what I have learned that works GREAT. For the past just over two years now, I have been a member of a grand learning centre. This platform offers top quality training for those who wish to operate and own their very own online business. You can even learn to do email marketing if that is your wish. Instead, they will be flocking to you! The technique is much like the one I have used right here that brought you to my review without my having to spend any money whatsoever on advertising.

If you are ready to discover what that platform is, then simply click the button below and read on. You will be expected to work at creating your business by being diligent with the amount of time expected to make your business a success. This training will show you how to create a long lasting, long term business that you can be proud of.

And, in this platform you can become a starter member for FREE! They offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee, and also offer web design services as well. Another option is 99designs , which relies on the concept of crowdsourcing. On a final note, I have found that writing ebooks on a variety of related, pointed topics is much more profitable than putting together a single grand, lengthy, all-inclusive work. After I launched my first ebook, I went on to publish many more on targeted topics, such as ways to save on groceries , how to save on college tuition , how to save on car insurance , and how to save on Internet service.

With the right approach, you can write multiple successful ebooks.

Instead of trying to sell an ebook to everyone, identify a core target market. Concentrate on a smaller subset of people, and tailor your marketing approach to them. Rather, you would want to market your ebook to recent high school and college graduates. Also, beyond the demographic strategy, you need to find people who actually read ebooks. Promoting your product on some free ebook download sites is a great way to reach out to the ideal buyer base. If you are new to the world of selling ebooks, consider pricing your ebook very competitively.

Create a Ebook in 7 days

One great strategy is to sell your book for a dollar or less. That way, you can drastically increase the number of purchases and book reviews on sites like Amazon, enabling you to shoot up the bestseller list within your specific ebook genre, while also increasing your potential for word-of-mouth marketing. A landing page is a single webpage that appears as a result of clicking on an advertisement.

A successful landing page is particularly focused on whatever product or service you are offering, with the end goal being a sale of your ebook to the customer.

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Your landing page should be highly focused and targeted. For example, one of the best ways to promote your ebook without any costs is to use your Facebook page for marketing. Another great strategy is to publish snippets of your ebook on Facebook to spark interest. Start Your Own Blog I actually did this as a precursor to my first ebook.

I posted articles there daily for a few months and then incorporated this content into my ebook. Starting a blog is easier than it sounds, as there are several self-help online tutorials available that can guide you through the process step-by-step. To save time, I outsourced my project, and within about a week my blog was set up and ready to go. Once your blog is up and running, you can post articles centered around the theme of your ebook, explaining in more detail its features, and provide a link to your landing page. However, you also need to drive traffic to your blog.

Reader Interactions

The best way to do this is to post your articles to multiple social media websites. This is the best and most time-effective way to drive traffic to your blog. Write Articles Use the content already in your ebook to create interesting and informative articles that target your demographic. There are many popular sites where you can post these articles, such as EzineArticles. Mention your ebook within the article, and include links to your sales page or blog. Also, add an author resource box at the end that includes the URL of your website. By proving yourself as an authoritative, expert source through free material, you will have already succeeded in winning over your readers.

Market via Word-of-Mouth Contact friends, family, and colleagues, and offer them a free copy of your ebook. Ask them to write testimonials which you can use in your sales letter or landing page. Also, if possible, get a popular blogger or multiple bloggers to write reviews of your ebook and post them on their websites. By using this tactic, you can reach out to potential buyers through people they already trust. Optimize for Search Engines You want to modify your ebook website so that it ranks as high as possible on search engine results.

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Getting on the first page is key, and getting higher up on the first page is even more important. For example, a top ranking on Google will get you roughly 8. Include free content around the theme of your ebook on your website, and try to rank for keywords that will attract the right readership. Utilizing unique and accurate page titles, and including relevant keywords in your content, will help you along the way. Get Your Book Reviewed Contact blogs that cover topics relevant to your ebook, and submit to them to be reviewed.

This is another great way to market your ebook to your target audience. As with any business venture, setting goals to track your progress is imperative to the overall success of your ebook. After its launch, set certain benchmarks for the first 30, 60, and 90 days. If the goals are surpassed, congratulations!

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  • You then know that your strategy is effective. If you fall short of your projections, you will want to review your marketing initiatives. Other avenues may need to be considered, or you might need to tweak other aspects of your selling strategy.

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    Whether you are writing an ebook just to make money, or you are creating one to promote a more comprehensive service or product to your readers, there are many things to take into consideration to ensure that your final product is professional and saleable to your target audience. However, by creating an attractive product and following a thorough marketing plan, you can be sure that your ebook will be profitable to you and valuable to your readers.

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