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This series of articles chapters will focus on a practical and pragmatic approach to Data Governance and Data Stewardship. I call it the Stewardship Approach to Governance because, even though Governance begins and ends with policies and procedures, it ultimately depends on the people that are executing on the plan.

They are the people that, in normal course of action, are involved in the definition, production and usage of data. Not only are these people involved, they are THE people that are making the daily decisions about the data.

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The truth is that Data Stewards already exist in your organization. Updated in Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Robert S. Seiner and TDAN.

Seiner is a recognized industry thought-leader, has consulted with and educated many prominent organizations nationally and globally, and is known for his unique approach to implementing data governance. Louis, MO Why Teach Stewardship? Parish Best Practices Presentations.

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In electronic payments surpassed check writing in our country. Some experts are predicting that in the near future check writing will become totally obsolete. Will your parish be prepared for that day? If there were no checks, how would your parishioners make their Offertory gift to you?

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Gift cards? Credit card? Or electronic transfer? Parishes around the country that are beginning to use Electronic Offertory Giving say one of the real benefits is that it provides them with a predictable stream of income every month. Through bad winter weather or summer vacation time the Offertory gifts that were pledged electronically continue to come in right on schedule.

Thus, when considering whether an Electronic Offertory Giving program could be beneficial for your parish it might be helpful to review giving history and see how regularly parishioners are using their envelopes now. Many parishioners consider an Electronic Offertory Giving program to be a real service and they are grateful to their parishes for offering them this convenience, especially if they prefer to do all their other banking and bill paying online or electronically.

Selecting the Right Vendor for Parish Electronic Offertory Programs Before selecting a vendor for Electronic Offertory, parishes are encouraged to contact the Stewardship Education Office for current information on the vendors which the Archdiocese of St. This should be a 1 concern. When you start dealing with the banking information or credit card numbers of your parishioners you are dealing with extremely sensitive information.

This information should not be handled lightly in the parish office. Also, make sure your vendor offers the highest security controls. Electronic Offertory Giving programs will only be successful if they are well marketed to the parishioners. If you want a high conversion rate, you should either select a vendor who can handle marketing for you or factor your own marketing plans and costs into your decision process.

Ease of Use for Donors. The easier a program is to use, the more parishioners of all ages and technological abilities will use it. Ease of Use for the Parish. If administering the Electronic Offertory Giving program is going to be so time-consuming that you need another staff person, you may cancel out the increases you have gained. Review how much work the program will be for office staff. One aspect to consider is how easily donor information and records will transfer into your existing contributions tracking system. Ultimately Electronic Offertory Giving records should be transferred into your parish Servant Keeper or other database program and the parish should retain responsibility for sending out one tax substantiation statement at the end of the year that includes Offertory and other giving.

Fees and Costs. There is a great deal of difference in the way different vendors charge for these programs. Review the fee and costs structure carefully. Do not pay for services you do not need. However, do be willing to pay for the benefits that are most needed by your parish and your parishioners.

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Also, consider long range costs. When considering an Electronic Offertory program for your parish, look for a program that offers the following benefits: Allows parishioners to give in a way that is most efficient for them. Allows credit card giving — which many families prefer for security, ease of bill paying and rewards programs.

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Matches the way most people today are paid and thus give — monthly or bi-monthly. Allows parishioners to manage all of their giving — regular Offertory, special collections and special parish funds or events — at one time. Supports important stewardship lessons — such as giving to God first, giving a planned and consistent amount and seeing the Offertory as a financial obligation.

Other factors to consider in your decision include: Is the parish doing this to meet the needs of the parishioner only or to also increase giving in the parish? The planning for the event is well underway and the major heavy involvement roles are already being carried out, but less time involvement roles are available to be taken on.

Key roles include coordinators for individual special tests, day trail sections, time controls, parc ferme, final moto, volunteers, etc. If you would like to be involved in the event at all, anywhere from an hour to the week, come along to the meeting on the 19th and let us know.

Monthly Clasic Rides A ride is held each month, usually the 3rd Sunday in the month. It leaves from Destinations usually alternate between short and long rides.

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Other more modenr bikes welcome. If you dispose of the club permit vehicle, please advise me. New applications.

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