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Critical background for any appreciation of the Jewish state. Sachar, renowned author of thirteen earlier books on Middle Eastern and Jewish history, brings to life the complex and dramatic story of the friendships and fallings-out between Israel and the various European powers over the last half-century. Sachar chronicles the always uneasy relationship between Israel and Great Britain; its early love-affair and nasty break-up with France; the shifting Soviet policies toward Israel; and the unlikely emergence of Germany as the new nation's chief European benefactor.

A master of historical narrative, Sachar once again enlightens us with fine scholarship, insightful analysis, and an unerring knowledge of human--and national--motivations. A History of the Jews in America. With impressive scholarship and a riveting sense of detail, Howard M. Sachar tells the stories of Spanish marranos and Russian refugees, of aristocrats and threadbare social revolutionaries, of philanthropists and Hollywood moguls.

At the same time, he elucidates the grand themes of the Jewish encounter with America, from the bigotry of a Christian majority to the tensions among Jews of different origins and beliefs, and from the struggle for acceptance to the ambivalence of assimilation. The Course of Modern Jewish History.

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When this encyclopedic history of the Jews was first published in , it was hailed as one of the great works of its kind, a study that not only chronicled an assailed and enduring people, but assessed its astonishing impact on the modern world. Now this scholarly and comprehensive book has been massively revised and updated by its author, a professor of modern history at the George Washington University and one of the most respected authorities on the lives and times of the Jewish people.

The new edition casts additional light on the milestones of the Jewish saga from the eighteenth century to the close of the twentieth: the Jews' emergence from the ghetto and into the heart of Western society, the debate between the voices of tradition, assimilation, and Zionism; virtual destruction during the Holocaust; and troubled rebirth in Israel. Here, too, are evocative portraits of today's disapora, from the Jews of America to the embattled communities of the former Soviet Union and the Third World.

As successor states found their place on the map, many hoped that a more liberal Europe would emerge.

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But this post-war idealism all too quickly collapsed under the political and economic pressures of the s and '30s. In the richness of its human tapestry and the acuity of its social insights, Dreamland masterfully expands our understanding of a watershed era in modern history. First published in , Howard M. More than 30 years later, readers can again be immersed in this monumental work.

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The second edition of this volume covers topics such as the first of the Aliyahs in the s; the rise of Jewish nationalism; the beginning of the political Zionist movement and, later, how the movement changed after Theodor Herzl; the Balfour Declaration; the factors that led to the Arab-Jewish confrontation; Palestine and its role both during the Second World War and after; the war of independence and the many wars that followed it over the next few decades; and the development of the Israeli republic and the many challenges it faced, both domestic and foreign, and still faces today.

This is a truly enriching and exhaustive history of a nation that holds claim to one of the most complicated and controversial histories in the world. Order from Amazon Books now. A must read. And a good friend of my dad's.

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Farewell Espana. The world of the Sephardim remembered. Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, Great book by a master.

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The Expulsion Chronicles. Carmi House Press. Box , North Hollywood, California Translations of contemporary writings about Sephardim and the Expulsion.

The Jewish World: Spain

Provides good insight. Jews in the Crown of Aragon.

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Thorough study of Jews in northeast Spain. History, culture, sexual mores, etc. Jewish economy in the Medieval Crown of Aragon, Brill, Companion volume providing the Jewish economy information. Institucion Fernando el Catolico, Zaragoza, Jewish Communities in Valencia. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Good source for Valencia. Includes bibliographical references p. Includes biographical references.

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Cants de noces dels jueus catalans. Barcelona, Curial, Poems in Hebrew and Latin characters. Barcelona : Ediciones Destino, Translation of: Els jueus i nosaltres. Barcelona : R. Dalmau, Includes bibliographical references. The End of Days. Promethius books, Amherst, NY Very readable, perceptive and informative. Highly recommended. Random House, A "classic" with a different point of view. The Spanish Inquisition.

Out of date but an "old classic". Conversos on Trial. The Inquisition in Ciudad Real. The Hebrew University. Jerusalem