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Each couple held hands to move forward and backward or dropped hands to face each other or turn.

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In its early courtly form the dance was preceded by a wooing pantomime for three couples. Bach, and other Baroque composers used both types in their orchestral and keyboard suites.

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In these suites the courante follows the allemande , as it did in the ballroom. The Italian masters Arcangelo Corelli and Antonio Vivaldi , among others, included corrente movements in their sonate da camera chamber sonatas.

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Thank you for your feedback. The answer is probably that this depends on the capability of the student to be able to internalise a complex rhythm, whilst bearing in mind the simpler outline behind it.


Separate hands work It is important for the student to do sufficient separate hands work, paying meticulous attention to the fingering and articulation that has been agreed in the lesson. The LH needs just as much practice as the RH otherwise mistakes will occur when the hands are played together. One of the first things to become inaccurate in hands together attempts tends to be the fingering. If fingering is not secure, you can be sure that fluency will be adversely affected.

Hands together work Hands together work must be very slow to begin with, taking a very small section at a time. Memorisation of the separate RH and LH lines of each little section is suggested before trying hands together, as this will keep a feel for the linear texture, whereas reading the music note by note tends to promote a chordal approach in which the student listens only to the RH and fits the LH in without listening to it.

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Students often find it very difficult to fit in ornamentation unobtrusively. A misconception is that trills should be played a fast as possible, whereas it is much more musical to begin a long trill with a slightly longer note, speed up in the middle then slow down towards the end. Playing trills as fast as possible, using the fingers rather than rotating the wrist as well leads to tension problems.

As long as we include the right number of notes, the trill needs to be only as fast as will permit us to fit the notes into the time allowed within the rhythm. An excellent performance will show affinity with the Baroque style, in use of articulation detail and dynamics.

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Phrasing will be defined, textures clear and the playing will be confident in technical control with a persuasive sense of performance. The pace will be suitable lively and fluency will be assured throughout. A good performance will be lively in approach with generally good fluency and accuracy. There will be some detail in dynamics and articulation, with a developing sense of phrase, although there may not yet be convincing textural awareness with, perhaps, some loss of rhythmic evenness or tone control.

A sound performance will demonstrate secure continuity at a steadily maintained pace and any slips will not seriously disturb the performance. A little detail might be given in dynamics and articulation, although there may not yet be sensitive tone control and rhythms might not be even in control.

The keyboard music other than organ music by J. An elite group of professional musicians stood at his disposal,6 and his duties focused on secular chamber music. It is clear from the prefaces that Bach wrote his keyboard works for didactic purposes—for members of his family and for his students.

To mix things up a bit more, the preludes in the English suites are in Italian concerto-grosso style. They included five short but sophisticated harpsichord suites, which would later become the French Suites, BWV — Gerber studied with Bach in Leipzig and left an account of Bach as a keyboard teacher. According to Gerber, keyboard students started with the Inventions and the French and English suites, and they concluded with the 48 preludes and fugues in the Well-Tempered Clavier.

French Suites and English Suites In the Baroque era, a suite consisted of a collection of dance tunes linked by the same key and often with some common thematic material. Concerning the origin of the suite, Bach scholar Albert Schweitzer believed that the dance suite was created by wandering musicians in the early 17th century who strung together music from different countries. Town pipers adopted this music and played sets with at least four movements: the allemande German origin , courante French origin , sarabande Spanish origin , and gigue English origin. Keyboard players adopted these dance suites from the pipers and developed the suites further.

"courante" in English

Details on the courante are discussed later in this article. Each English suite begins with a prelude, which is followed by an allemande. Each French suite begins with an allemande. Each suite, English and French, ends with a gigue. Some movements in some of the English suites have doubles written out—these are the ornamented versions that a Baroque performer would have played on the repeats. The following comments, listed in chronological order, start with wild guesses and uncertainty and end with reasonable certainty about what we must currently regard as the truth.

Peters Corporation, followed Forkel in asserting that the English Suites were written for a noble Englishman. But he also conceded that if the English Suites had been commissioned, we should be able to find some trace of this.