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Cinderella’s Sister and the Big Bad Wolf

Search the site Search term is required. Read this book? Leave a review…. Your review has been submitted successfully, thank you. There was an error submitting review. But if they could have only fastened the pace and kept most of the light, comedy in CS might have been more entertaining to watch. So sad.. I loved this drama until the second half.. I thought this drama is golden and in the bag by ep I've been looking forward to this recap for the past week, after much headdesking and facepalming while watching this on viikii.

I feel your pain, and I really appreciate the commentary at the end. If us readers don't want witty and insightful and sometimes delightfully negative, complete with facepalming commentary, we can choose not to read the recaps. Speaking for myself, I thrive on your recaps and I had a huge smile on my face while reading this one. Thank you for continuing with this and finishing it off!

I preferred episode 19 waaaaaaaaaay more.

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I'm tempted to just reedit this drama and cram it into 16 episodes geez. I think this drama had so much potential in the beginning, but they made it really heavy in the middle and dragged it out so much.

Cinderella's Sister [eng sub] ep 17 part 5

Then at the end Eun Jo finally becomes nice. But I still like this drama!!! Remember the people who produced this are humans too so don't expect too much. I hate the finale as well. The part where he said good bye at the bus stop was heartbreaking Yea, I am pissed too It became too predictable and somehow the magic disappeared Thank you for the recap, even though it was such a painful ending to have to go through and rehash.

There were a few nice moments, but most of it was just either wrong or defied logic. It's like the writer was drunk or something when she wrote this. Maybe she was body-snatched! This finale's screwups was worst than all the screwups this potentially amazing drama had made. Did the writer jump ship and the production had some random person finish up the script? I think any watcher of this drama could have written a better ending than this writer.

I totally agree with all the comments. I hated the ending, not because it was good and not because it was bad but because I felt cheated. So much drama and then nothing but a slapped together let's make everyone happy ending. No satisfaction what so ever. I'll choose Jung-woo over Ki-hoon any day!

I suppose, at least Eun-jo and Hyo-sun are together, right? That was the primary conflict, in my opinion, and much more significant than Eun-jo and Ki-hoon. I'm going to remember this for the intriguing family dynamics in the first half when I watched a few clips here and there and the deep emotions shown by the actors It led to nowhere land. This also led to nowhere land. They should've had her find it in the end, with him there, of course. It'll save you 20 hrs at least! I almost broke my laptop in rage. I mean, are you serious? Are we in kindergarten?

Dear writers did all your brains leave for vacation at the same time? You drag us through HELL, without the courtesy of giving us a mask to at least protect our faces, and when we finally make it back to earth you sprinkle us with a drop of water for our efforts?

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Do you know how much potential this show had writers? Do you know how many ends you didn't even consider or how loosely tied up they are? A two year old could do better! I didn't even swoon not once! How incredulous is that?! We got the happy ending in the end, but I don't feel happy at all!! What kind of finale was that?! It's really one of the most ridiculous and crappiest finales I've ever watched.

The only scene that moved me was the one where Jung-woo left. I felt so sorry for this sweet boy and was thanking him for all the warmth that he had brought into this drama though not enough to balance out all the angst. The scene which made me cursed out loud was when Eun-jo left. The ending was also extremely creepy with Dae-sung appearing suddenly out of nowhere.

I really really love this drama, which makes me even more frustrated knowing that it could have been much better. There were many loose ends untied, which I'm still trying to ignore, because the screenwriter simply had no time to address all the loose ends. Haha this is not very true. I didn't enjoy the angst and slow pacing but I still continued to watch because I've invested a lot of my emotions into this drama and the acting really was fabulous.

I have to admit that I'm quite shallow because when I got so frustrated while watching, I usually just ended up admiring CJM's gorgeous face xP. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday for all the hard work these past two and a half months! Thanks for the humour, the comments and the determination to finish recapping! It's sad but, watching this last episode made me feel like an idiot for staying around for so long. I just kept hoping, and praying that things would be better to no avail it would seem.

It just had so much potential! I can't even describe the affection and zeal I had for this drama in the beginning. I thought these characters were so unique and engaging. I feel they got ripped off from doing great things and were forced to settle with a lukewarm resolution. It is probably no secret, but I think the writer fell too much in love with their characters and didn't want them to go off the deep end. Seriously, though they should have just pushed them off the cliff, like any good lion. I know you guys mean. I hated all the angst and agony in this drama, even though these are the elements that I like so much about k-dramas.

But they were just sooo overplayed in this drama!!!

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I literally stopped watching 10 episodes ago, and read your commentaries for which I have to thank so much just to see if it's worth finishing this drama. So far, not really and I am not so up for it. This drama has so much potential to be exceptional, but too little plot to make a story. Truly feels like a 5 episode drama that gradually stretched and contracted and then stretched again repeatedly into 20 episodes. I already ranted enough about this episode in OT.

If I ever rewatch this drama it will only be for the OTP and the early KS and DS scenes, I'm going to be heavyhanded with the fast forward button and stop at ep 19 like thats the last episode. I didn't enjoy any of it. If anyone asks me how many episodes CU is, I'm going to say 19 episodes with a straight face. JB and Girlfriday thanks for sticking through this.

I know its been painful at times and god knows I've been tempted to abandon ship several times and I've been a fan for the most part. I enjoyed your recaps even if you didn't swoon over the OTP like I did.

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I loved the snark even while I feel protective of some elements of the show. Humor trumps all! Viva humor. All the episode are heartbreaking but the moment i saw the finale it become very light as if they're in a hurry to finish it I seriously gave up on this drama. When I watched the mv, it looked good. I was stupid to think that what happened in the mv, would happen in the drama. I loved the first 4 episodes, quit after 12 but continued to read your recaps. This drama was just too much. I wish it followed the mv, if anything because the mv looked interesting.

That they focus at the end was the sisters' love. I think that their love relationship was not even the main thing in the drama to begin with. They just threw it because that is what people wanted. If you notice, everything revolved around both of the girls and how their love for the dad united them.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I liked it, I actually hated it. I haven't hated an final episode in a long time. Too bad they when that road. BTW, that a bad ending for Taecyeon. There was no point in his character. I raised my eyebrows at that too. I as I have said before have been very forgiving of this drama and choose to remember it positively However, I agree that the finale was really stupid When Eun Jo ran away I was actually so so so angry, I was basically close to punching my laptop screen It was so stupid for her to run away in the freaking final And it got rid of any chance of character growth Who is Eun Jo?

Thats who she was in the first episode. And the last episode. There is so much that could have been done that wasnt And so many things that should've been resolved better but weren't There was some things I liked but overwhelmingly it was underwhelming God, the first 4 episodes of this show were SO good it is ridiculous, I would have been totally happy and willing to forget the slow pace I will anyway, though if the last 4, or even the last 2 were that amazing Other than that, I basically agree with what you guys said about this episode And Jung Woo broke my heart a little bit Somehow I feel lighter now this show has finished I think I will choose to remember this show based on the first 4 episodes and the amazing acting, and pretty location.

Anyway, thank you both for recapping this all the way through, even if you didnt enjoy it the entire time. I am not watching Bad Guy but heres hoping that turns out better as a recapping project for you two Thank you!

Cinderella's Sister and the Big Bad Wolf by Nosy Crow Stories Aloud | Mixcloud

Are JB and GF sisters? Their writing is so similar, with the same sarcastic style that bites, but is also fun to read! Great job guys -- mmm I stood by the show through thick and thin, and honestly at the end, i still maintain that it's one of the best dramas I've seen in terms of how much it portrays reality. If I wanted to watch for another happy ending that tied loose ends up together nicely, I would have picked the other ten million dramas that are already out there.

In real life, loose ends aren't always tied up so neatly - relationships like EJ and her mother's, constant running away and never learning yes, even with twenty minutes of the finale to go , and "missing" plot points like the hair pin and the pen that were never bought up again. I personally LOVED the fact that EJ ran away yet again at the end of the finale, because I know, beyond a doubt, that part of her will always be running away, if not from KH then from other situations that cross her path in the future.

An individual's personality and innate qualities don't change over the course of 20 episodes, 8 years, or other measurable times. It takes decades for people to make progress. From personal experience, there are people who I know who are still running away from their childhood demons, and they've been running away for more than three decades. All I'm saying is that all of the characters in this drama were thrown together and put in situations that were mind-boggling painful and hard to deal with.

To want a NEAT, happy ending is like trying to fix a dam that's still gushing from a recent flood. In real life, there's no neatness, and all of these little things that make us so frustrated showcase exactly why this drama tugs on our heartstrings. Tons of us watch dramas because of the romance, the fluff, the happiness, but how many of us really appreciate it when a drama highlights the darker sides of everyday life and humanity as a whole? One can argue, well that's not really why I choose to watch a Korean drama, and at that point, i agree, CS is frustrating, terrible, but I argue that the discontinuity, the loose ends, the possibilities that are full of uncertainties for these characters in the future - THAT"s what makes the drama timeless.

I saw character growth, I saw relationships form and break loose, I saw characters cut their ties and leave with bright smiles, I saw characters make compromises that I wouldn't have dreamed possible in Episode 1. My god, I want something of the original characters left over to remind me of who they had been, because they were the ones that I fell in love with in the beginning, the ones in which I saw, and still see, so much possibility and hope.

So screw the happy ending, give me a dose of hopeful reality and dreams with wings. Well said! For the first time i didnt felt any cheesiness while watching a K show Finale for once..