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Two coworkers at a store in Budapest couldn't be more at odds. They can't stand each other, but absolutely adore their faraway pen pals. As it turns out, the pen pals are much, much closer than they think. Okay, we know this comedy is about saving Christmas and learning how to live as an elf in New York City What would you do if you given just days to live? After she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Georgia Queen Latifah jets off to Europe to live her best life. In doing so, she gets the attention of her crush Sean LL Cool J , and their romance takes off at the most heartbreakingly inconvenient time.

When Everett brings his girlfriend Meredith home to meet the rest of his family, complications arise and they question their relationship.

It's the ultimate holiday rom-com, and it stars celebrities like Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, and Keira Knightley, to name a few. When two women, one from London and the other from Los Angeles, swap places and live in each other's home throughout the holidays, they realize there's more to life than the boy problems they had back at home. In this movie, Ryan Reynolds plays a man named Chris, an overweight nerd.

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Fast forward 10 years, and Chris is killing it in the music industry — maybe now he'll stand a chance with the girl he loves who friend-zoned him in high school. Each of them are battling their own problems, and in the process, discovering the meaning of love, family, and happiness.

And now, it's available for streaming on Amazon. Then in another tragic turn of events, she realizes she's falling for his brother instead. Talk about a complicated love triangle. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale star in one of the most unrealistic, hopeless romantic-type movies. Two people meet one night, think they'll be together forever, then proceed to not see each other for 10 years.

Rocket Around The Christmas Tree | Sketch Comedy

But that's not where the story ends Brad and Kate played by Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are an unmarried couple who have to attend four different family events on Christmas Day, since their plans to go on vacation failed. LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Hynes star in this movie where a school superintendent considers cutting the music program that her super attractive neighbor teaches. Celebrity photographer Connor played by Matthew McConaughey is the ultimate bachelor — but right before his brother ties the knot, something strange happens.

All of his past girlfriends haunt him and try to get him to discover the reason why all of his relationships failed. Here, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play Sally and Harry: Two friends trying to figure out whether men and women can ever be just friends. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Something breezy and festive to relieve that growing sense of ennui that comes from having no more presents to open. Jim Bowen dicked around and everyone had a lovely time. Being five at the time, I would have been too busy covering my presents in snot to notice this.

It's good though — it features Bully flying round a Christmas pudding instead of a dartboard, plus Eric Bristow teams up with the mighty Bob Holness.

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Of course, one of the stand-out TV events of an 80s Christmas Day fell in this slot. Christmas Morning With Noel doesn't need any explanation, unless you're Telephone lines will be open for the on-screen dedication service. So call Noel on [number removed, so I'm going with ], during the programme with your dedications and Christmas messages.

If you're interested, here's the full broadcast of Noel; still a surprisingly entertaining watch. And if you don't even find yourself sniffing over the family reunions, then your heart is made of old discarded pencils and I don't want to be your friend. So tell us Lucy, how long have you had no kidneys? I can't quite figure out what kind of opinion to have on this. You've finished your dinner and dried your eyes either from laughing at the hilarious cracker jokes or crying over Noel Edmonds. I hope you've also got all your farting and burping out of the way, because it's time to pay attention.

Movies on TV were a big deal in the 80s; we weren't exactly able to stream any movie ever made while simultaneously slagging it off on Twatter. The Christmas Day movie was an event, and a reason for disparate family members to be in the same room without killing each other. However, this was only to lull the BBC into a false sense of security, because at 3. God help you if you didn't have a video recorder.

I'll call a draw. However, this wasn't a premiere; ITV had beaten itself to it on January 4th of the same year. Right, time for some adverts.

True Meaning of Christmas - A Christmas Play

These are from the middle of ITV's showing of Raiders Of The Lost Ark in 's evening slot, and feature what is quite probably the longest butter advert ever:. In the 80s, The Snowman seemed to be Channel 4's one concession to having any fun at Christmas. Otherwise they just showed documentaries about ballet. The news was usually that it was Christmas, which everyone already knew. Sometimes it would be about some men who'd gone for a swim in the buff.

Game shows, chat shows, movies, sitcoms, Denis Norden: If this slot were a household object, it would be that box labelled 'If you can't find it, it's in here'. The BBC were a bit more structured, and you could always rely on at least one comedy heavyweight to see you through the evening. It's strange to see the Eric 'n' Ernie shaped hole in the listings; it's easy to assume a Morecambe and Wise special aired every Christmas Day through the 80s, even if only via repeats, but this wasn't the case.

Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to watching a load, for 'research'. I will anyway. I don't need to say much about The Two Ronnies, because by now babies are born already knowing their sketches. Some of the more memorable skits to debut during the Christmas specials included 'You can say that again' , 'Quizshow Court' , and 'Crossword' I'm a sucker for people getting crosswords wrong. In , fans of musical cockneys were spoilt for choice. The Russ Abbot Christmas Show might have entered into 'underappreciated gem' territory now, but consider the following: Les Dennis as Robin, partnered with an obese Batman with a mask drawn on in felt tip, whose American accent keeps slipping into Yorkshire.

Also, give me a better band name than Whispering Hubert and the Constipated Seven.

Revisiting the joys of an 80s TV Christmas

Pro tip — you can't. A fun fact before we move on: In , Abbot's 'Jimmy McJimmy' character was voted the third most Scottish person ever by readers of the Glasgow Herald. He narrowly lost out to the Krankies, which is a cheat because the Krankies should clearly have been counted as one person.

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If soaps are more your thing, then head over to for the Eastenders Christmas two parter, in which Den gives Angie divorce papers for Christmas spoiler alert. Other 80s soap specials had the nation gripped too. Brookside , for example, went with the daring decision to have Ron Dixon struck down with a turkey allergy. And who could forget Coronation Stree t , in which Ivy Tilsley couldn't remember where she'd left her shoes. Didn't we show that last Tuesday?

Okay fine, put that on, they'll all be hammered now anyway.

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Christmas Day night is a bit depressing - you know it's all over for another year, and that you're one day closer to having to start the annual January 1st — January 3rd diet.